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Hi I’m Veronica, The Heart Dietitian!

I believe that you have control over your heart disease by eating well. 

My mission is to help translate heart healthy research into small lifestyle changes and help you feel confident about feeding your heart.  

This blog features topics on heart healthy eating and Registered Dietitian approved recipes to help you make thoughtful (and delicious!) food choices that will set you up for success.   

Veronica’s Education

  • Master of Applied Nutrition, University of Guelph
  • Bachelor of Science Foods and Nutrition, Western University
  • Bachelor of Kinesiology, Western University  
  • Certified Diabetes Educator 

Veronica’s Professional Membership

College of Dietitians of Ontario 

Editorial Process

The main goal of this website is to provide reliable, evidence based information you can trust. 

All content is created by Veronica Rouse, MAN, RD, CDE unless otherwise indicated. Veronica has co-authored many research papers and worked as a Registered Dietitian in the largest research hospital in Canada Veronica has a Masters degree in nutrition (MAN).  She also completed an accredited dietetic internship and passed a national exam to obtain her dietitian credential.  To maintain the Registered Dietitian credential requires yearly competency assessments, continuing education and completion of a jurisprudence assessment every 5 years. 

Additionally Veronica is a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) which requires 800 hours of practice experience and passing of a national exam with recertification every five years to maintain the credential.  

Please note that the content on this site is for general information only and should not be taken as personalized nutrition advice.  Read our disclaimers for more information and consult with your healthcare provider before making any diet or lifestyle changes.

All articles are written based on Veronica’s 15+ years of experience as a cardiac dietitian and based on current literature and research.  The content on The Heart Dietitian includes references to evidenced based information you can trust. All factual information included in the articles come from peer-reviewed research articles.   

When a guest author posts on this website, all content is edited and fact checked by Veronica prior to publication to ensure research based information is used with appropriate referencing. Articles are reviewed and updated to account for new research and findings.  

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