Stroke Diet Recipes

Healthy eating and a balanced diet can help prevent medical conditions that increase the risk factors of stroke, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Stroke diet recipes include low sodium diet recipes and DASH diet recipes to lower your blood pressure by increasing potassium and reducing salt intake.

The Mediterranean diet also has strong research that suggests it can improve heart health and prevent stroke with an increase of types of foods like vegetables, lots of fruits, whole grains, plant-based foods, olive oil, fatty fish, lean protein, and a low intake of red meat.  We’ve got you covered with Mediterranean diet recipes too!

These healthy meal recipes are good for stroke patients including stroke survivors and stroke prevention. These heart-healthy recipes include the best foods full of dietary fiber and healthy fats to help in the stroke recovery process.

If you are specifically looking to reduce cholesterol or manage blood pressure with proper nutrition, be sure to check out these categories as well for more stroke diet recipes, a variety of food suggestions, lists of foods, and plenty of recipes.

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