Decadent Banoffee Overnight Oats

Imagine starting your day with a dish that’s not just incredibly delicious but also heart-healthy, high in fiber, and, wait for it… refined sugar-free!

This isn’t your average breakfast; it’s a luxurious yet easy-to-make banoffee overnight oats recipe that doubles as a dessert or snack.

Crafted with oats soaked in soy milk, mixed with natural sweeteners, and layered with yogurt instead of heavy cream or coconut milk, this dish is a healthy spin on the classic dessert pie we all adore.

My family and I swear by these overnight oats not just for their heart-healthy benefits and taste but also for their convenience during our hectic mornings.

Whether you’re rushing out the door in the morning or in need of a comforting snack that doesn’t derail your health goals, these overnight oats are the answer. They encapsulate the essence of a banoffee pie, transformed into a guilt-free pleasure that you and your children can enjoy any time of the day. 

This banoffee pie overnight oat recipe is heart healthy, high in fiber, egg free, gluten free and vegetarian.

Banoffee overnight oats shown in a glass container from the top, with a caramel layer and sliced bananas. Some oats are scattered around the dish.

Heart Healthy Recipe

Throughout my blog, I often highlight the positive impact of oats on heart health. Numerous studies have shown that oats can significantly reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, making them an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their heart-healthy diet.

This Banoffee pie overnight oats recipe has been crafted with heart health in mind, incorporating several smart substitutions. By replacing heavy cream with lighter yet equally satisfying options like yogurt and soy milk, this recipe achieves a delightful balance of flavors and textures.

The true charm of this recipe, though, comes from its adaptability and the inclusion of a homemade toffee and caramel sauce. This sauce, sweetened naturally with ingredients like almond butter and a dash of vanilla extract, enriches the oats without raising blood pressure concerns—a frequent worry with homemade, natural meals.

When aiming for a heart-healthy overnight oats dish, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Including protein is crucial for fullness, aiding in weight management and muscle growth. In this recipe, I’ve opted for Greek yogurt and a protein powder (*affiliate link), but hemp seeds or cottage cheese are also excellent choices.
  • For your milk selection, soy or cow’s milk is recommended due to their protein content. It’s advisable to avoid coconut milk if possible, due to its high saturated fat content, which could affect cholesterol levels. While oat milk and almond milk are acceptable substitutes, they’re lower in protein, so adding an extra protein source, such as my preferred protein powder (*affiliate link), is beneficial.
  • It’s also wise to omit coconut flakes to reduce saturated fat intake, further supporting heart health.

*This link is an affiliate partnership link, so we may earn a commission from purchases made through this link, but it does not change/increase the price you pay. It’s just a way to support The Heart Dietitian, so thank you!

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The ingredients chosen for this banoffee pie overnight oats recipe are not only nourishing but taste great too. These foods that can lower cholesterol, and blood pressure to help you strengthen your heart and live a longer, healthier life. 

Old fashioned oats or Rolled oats – I wouldn’t recommend instant oats or quick oats here because they are low in fiber and the texture will end up too mushy. Learn more about the benefits of rolled oats and oat fiber for heart health. And check out these oatmeal recipes to lower cholesterol.

Milk of choice – I prefer soy milk for it’s plant protein and cholesterol lowering capabilities when eating in a Portfolio diet style.

Banana – this added potassium, fiber, and flavor!

Chia seeds – these seeds are rich in soluble fiber which helps lower cholesterol, and high in omega 3 fatty acids. These seeds also help thicken the oats by soaking up the liquid to make it a pudding-like consistency.

Greek yogurt – the yogurt makes this recipe ultra-creamy, with the addition of added protein.

Olive Oil– Used to add creaminess to the caramel, without changing the taste and providing monounsaturated fats.

Almond butter – is used to make a nutty caramel flavor while providing cholesterol lowering monounsaturated fats and nutrients.

Vanilla extract and sea salt – for taste (and don’t worry, this is still less sodium than what’s found in instant oatmeal packages!)

Maple Syrup – is a non refined sweetener of choice, but use whatever you prefer!

Cinnamon – for flavor, and it can help manage cholesterol levels too!

How To Make This Banoffee Overnight Oats

To prepare a heart-healthy and nutrient-rich breakfast of this British classic dessert, begin by combining ingredients to create your oat base.

In a bowl, mash one banana before adding rolled oats, soy milk, maple syrup, chia seeds, and cinnamon. Mix these together until well combined, cover it, and let it chill in the fridge overnight, or for at least 6 hours.

This step is crucial for allowing the chia seeds and oats to soak up the liquid, resulting in a creamy texture.

In the morning, prepare the caramel sauce by mixing maple syrup and almond butter together for about 30 seconds until the mixture is well incorporated and smooth. To assemble, layer the overnight oats in a mason jar, alternating with plain Greek yogurt and drizzles of your homemade caramel sauce.

Feel free to add more layers as desired.

Finish with your choice of toppings and an extra drizzle of caramel sauce for a delightful touch. Enjoy this delicious creation of banoffee overnight oats and savor the flavors and heart health benefits it brings to your morning routine.


Storing your overnight oats correctly is key to maintaining their freshness and ensuring they’re delicious every time you’re ready to enjoy them. Once you’ve prepared your oats, transferring them to an airtight container or mason jar is essential for optimal storage.

Ideally, your overnight oats should be stored in the refrigerator, where they can last for up to five days.

When you’re ready to eat, you might find that adding a little extra soy milk can refresh the consistency if they’ve thickened too much in the fridge.

Remember, the toppings are best added just before serving to maintain their texture and flavor.

Other Expert Tips

  • Eat them cold or warm.
  • Lasts 3-5 days in the fridge. I usually make 4 servings and eat them from Monday – Thursday.


Personalize this banoffee pie overnight oats by exploring a variety of optional toppings that your family loves.

Suggestions for enhancing the flavors and nutritional value include sprinkling cocoa powder, adding chocolate chips, incorporating your preferred granola, and mixing in chopped nuts.

For a fiber boost, consider ground flaxseed, and for an extra dose of protein, hemp seeds or a low-sodium protein powder make great additions.

If you’re up for a little extra kitchen adventure, caramelizing the banana before adding it to the oats can introduce a delightful twist of flavor.

Not a fan of banana? Opt for sautéed apples as a delicious alternative or enrich the dish with chopped and cooked dates for a similar sweetness.

And for those looking to capture the essence of the classic dessert, topping your oats with crushed banoffee biscuits brings an irresistible crunch and flavor that’s hard to beat.


The key to making your banoffee overnight oats gluten-free lies in selecting certified gluten-free rolled oats. While oats are naturally gluten-free, they are often processed in facilities that handle wheat, barley, and rye, leading to potential cross-contamination. By choosing oats that are certified gluten-free, you ensure that they have been processed in a safe environment, free from gluten cross-contamination.

Video Tutorial

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Final Thoughts

I enjoy putting a healthy spin on classic desserts. Try some of my favorites; Blueberry Cheesecake Overnight Oats, Pecan Pie Overnight Oats, Banana Cream Overnight Oats, Banana Dudding Overnight Oats.

Have you tried this banoffee overnight oats recipe? If so, let me know what you think in the comments!

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Banoffee overnight oats pictured in a glass jar, with an oat layer, yogurt layer, caramel layer, topped with sliced banana and oats scattered around.

Decadent Banoffee Overnight Oats

This isn’t your average breakfast; it's a luxurious yet easy-to-make banoffee overnight oats recipe that doubles as a dessert or snack.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Course Breakfast, Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 1
Calories 602 kcal


Oat Base

  • 1 banana ripe, 1/2 mashed, other half to top oats
  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened soy milk
  • 1 1/2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon

Layer 2

  • 1/3 cup Greek yogurt

Caramel Sauce

  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1/2 tsp olive oil
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract


  • In a bowl mash 1/2 banana (saving the other half to top oats with later).
  • Add in the rolled oats, soy milk, chia seeds, and cinnamon, and transfer to a jar or dish of choice.
  • While the oats are thickening, prepare your caramel sauce in a small bowl stirring together the almond butter, maple syrup, vanilla, sea salt, and olive oil.
  • Layer the oat mixture. Add a layer of greek yogurt, then top with the caramel sauce, the remaining half of the banana, sliced, and any other toppings of choice.
  • Put in the fridge overnight, and enjoy a nutrient rich breakfast to start your day off right!


Calories: 602kcalCarbohydrates: 84gProtein: 23gFat: 22gSaturated Fat: 2gPolyunsaturated Fat: 9gMonounsaturated Fat: 8gTrans Fat: 0.03gCholesterol: 3mgSodium: 369mgPotassium: 1053mgFiber: 16gSugar: 30gVitamin A: 343IUVitamin C: 11mgCalcium: 453mgIron: 5mg
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