21 Heart Healthy Low Sodium Dips

Find a low-sodium dip to serve on any occasion that is satisfying, and tastes just as great as store-bought, but without too much salt! 

Try one of these 21 Registered Dietitian approved low-sodium alternatives to store-bought, processed sauces, salsa, dips, and dressings.

Top Takeaways

  • Excessive salt intake can lead to tiredness, dehydration, and bloating, making it important to reduce salt, especially when serving dips. Low-sodium dips are a great choice for guests and can help manage health conditions like high blood pressure, heart failure, or kidney disease.
  • Processed and restaurant foods account for a significant portion of sodium intake in the North American diet, so eliminating pre-packaged foods like store-bought dips can help reduce sodium intake. Making homemade low-sodium dips is a simple and tasty alternative.
  • When purchasing ingredients for low-sodium dips, look for labels indicating “low sodium” or “no salt added.” Check ingredient lists for terms like “salt” or “sodium” to avoid products with added sodium. Rinsing full-sodium canned products can also reduce sodium content. Focus on using herbs and spices for flavor rather than salt substitutes to keep the dips healthy and flavorful.

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Sodium And Health

Too much salt can make you tired, dehydrated, and even bloated (which doesn’t sound like much of a party!) Do your guests a favor, and cut back on the salt when serving food (especially dips). 

Salt is made up of two molecules, sodium, and chloride.  This means eating salt, increases your intake of the mineral sodium.   

Low-sodium dips are a fantastic way to treat your guests with the best hospitality by keeping them feeling great and helping them manage common health conditions like high blood pressure, heart failure, or kidney disease. 

How To Eat Low Sodium

The salt shaker is NOT the main source of salt in the North American diet. It’s a common misconception. In fact, processed and restaurant food makes up 65-75% of the sodium North Americans eat (1)!

This means eliminating pre-packaged foods such as pre-made dips can really make a difference in keeping your sodium intake in check. Instead, try making your dips at home. You may be surprised how easily they are to whip up and taste just as great too!

Tips To Purchase Low Sodium Ingredients For Dips

I usually opt for recipes that come together quickly, and typically that means using pre-packaged ingredients. You may be surprised to find out that you can use pre-packaged ingredients that are low in sodium too, if you are following a low sodium diet plan.!  

When purchasing canned items looked for the words:

  • “low sodium” or  
  • “no salt added”

on the food label.

Additionally, you can look for the words “salt” or “sodium” on the ingredient list.  For example, monosodium glutamate or MSG, disodium phosphate, or sodium citrate all indicate sodium has been added to the product and therefore may be high in sodium. I would avoid purchasing these foods.

This is a really important step you don’t want to miss because some regular versions of canned products have sky-high sodium vs the low-sodium version. This can make quite the difference in staying on track with your health goals.

For example, no-salt-added canned chickpeas have 50 mg of sodium per serving compared to regular canned chickpeas which have 320 mg of sodium in the same serving size. That’s 6 times more sodium than the no salt added version.  Totally worth looking at the labels.

Finally, if you do purchase full sodium canned products, do yourself a favor and rinse them first to cut the sodium by up to 40% (2).

If you are looking for a shortcut I am a fan of low sodium spices sold by Epicure. Check out my Epicure review for more information.

Why Make Dips

Low-sodium dips can be served at:

  • holidays
  • sports events
  • movie nights
  • outdoor picnics
  • when throwing a party
  • birthday celebrations
  • evening snacks
  • football Sundays
  • …and the list goes on

What Is The Healthiest Dip

Just because a dip says it is low in sodium does not mean they are healthy too. Lucky for you, this list not only contains low sodium dips but healthy dips too!

The 21 healthy dips below contain whole foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, and legumes.  Eating more whole foods and less processed foods ensures you meet your daily needs for fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It simultaneously helps you eat less unhealthy nutrients like saturated fat, sodium, and sugar.   

Tips For Making Healthy Low-Sodium Dips

  • Heavily flavor with herbs and spices
  • Opt for no-salt or low-sodium canned items

An important note: I do not recommend using salt substitutes because they often contain potassium chloride which can interact with blood pressure medication or cause complications for those with reduced kidney function.  Instead focusing on including more whole foods into your daily intake and flavor with herbs and spices!

If you need some inspiration for what whole foods to include more often that can also benefit your health check out this list of 39 foods that can help lower blood pressure.

Image of Veronica Rouse with Free 7 day heart healthy meal plan freebie.

21 Low Sodium Dips

Let me know in the comments below which one of the 21 fantastic low-sodium dips you can’t wait to make!

Beetroot Hummus Without Chickpeas – Through The Fibro Fog

Purple hummus in white bowl topped with little green basil leaves surrounded by sliced cucumber, carrot, radishes and crackers on a wood serving tray.

Baba Ghanoush Hummus – Strength And Sunshine

Baba ghanoush hummus in a white bowl with green herbs and a cracker sticking out.

Spicy Garlic Hummus Recipe – Plant Power Couple

Hummus in a white bowl topped wiht sliced red peppers, olive oil and chopped herbs.

Vegan Black Bean Dip (Spicy Chipotle) – The Vegan Larder

Black bean low sodium dip in a grey bowl topped with slices of lime, herbs and chipotle pepper.  The bowl is surrounded by corn chips and a white napkin.

Garlic Kale Hummus – Strength And Sunshine

Green hummus in a white bowl on a green and white flowered napkin.

Muhammara (Red Pepper Dip) – The Food Blog

Red pepper low sodium dip in a white bowl topped with pomegranate, walnuts and green herbs.

Zucchini Babaganoush –  The Vegan Larder

Babaganoush in a patterned bowel with sliced cucumber on top, with a just dipped spoon being held by a hand. This Babaganoush is on a white plate surrounded by crackers, flowers and sliced cucumbers.

Quick Chunky Guacamole – Flavour And Savour

Guacamole in a blue bowl topped with a slice of lime and green herbs. Blurry broccoli and red peppers in the background.

Roasted Red Pepper Greek Yogurt Dip – Plant Based With Amy

Red pepper low sodium dip topped with oil and a red pepper served in a white bowl on a white plate on a white marble table.

Zucchini Dip With Mint – Recipes From A Pantry

Zucchini low sodium dip topped with red pepper in a white bowl on a white marbled counter.

Tzatziki Sauce Recipe – The Forked Spoon

Tzatziki sauce in a white bowl on a wood plank with olives, sliced radishes, crackers and whole carrots with the green stems.

Taco Dip As A Low Sodium Snack – i Food Real

Low sodium taco dip with lots of toppings in a red bowl over a blue and white napkin that is sprinkled with corn chips.

Low Sodium Appetizer – Jack Slobodian

Low sodium appetizer of avocado topped with lime and fresh dill in a white bowl on a white marble counter beside a white plate and a fork.

Marinara Sauce Dip – Recipe Pocket

Marinara sauce dip ingredients displayed on a white marble counter. Ingredients included diced canned tomato in a white bowl, olive oil in a jug, a whole onion, a red chili, garlic, sugar, dried basil and dried oregano in smaller white containers.

Seasoned Sour Cream Dip – Mom Foodie

White dip in a white container topped with sliced green onion surrounded by pita.

Green Chutney – Tips n Recipes

Green chutney in a white bowl on a wood cutting board beside green herbs.

Low Sodium Dip For Chips – Always Use Butter

Chipotle low sodium dip in a grey bowl with a spoon on a red towel.

Low Sodium Dip For Veggies – Plant Based With Amy

Low sodium dip for veggies in a white bowl topped with cilantro surrounded by vegetables including cherry tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, peas and cucumbers.
Low sodium cookie dough dip in a white bowl topped with chocolate chips  surrounded by pretzels and graham crackers.

Caramel Apple Dip – A Mummy Too

Low sodium carmel dip in a clear bowl surrounded by sliced apples, and a hand dipping a sliced apple into the dip.

Cream Cheese Fruit Dip – Budget Delicious

Fluffy white cream cheese dip in a white bowl on a white background topped with toasted coconut.

Final Thoughts

What’s your favorite low-sodium dip? Is it sweet or savory? I’d love to hear from you. Tell me below in the comments.

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